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The tourism sector's contribution to sustainability

What in the World Is Regenerative Travel?

All About Regenerative Travel – AFAR

Sustainability and Tourism

What is Responsible Tourism And Why Is It Important?

COVID-19 and tourism

One chart says it all – Air passenger volume as measured in revenue passenger kilometres (RPKs).

Passenger demand has fallen at an unprecedented rate. The domino effects on tourism and local economics will continue to reverberate in the long term …

Business volume of Tourism

Did you know?

The business volume of tourism equals that of food products and even surpasses that of automobiles!

Read more about international tourism’s contribution to trade in Chapter 1 of UNWTO’s 2014 Annual Report:

World Tourism Organization

6 wild animals worth more alive than dead

Most wildlife adds value to nature, but it’s often hard for humans to quantify. Thanks to eco-tourism, though, some species now directly raise a lot more revenue in the wild than on the black market.

Read more:

Sustainable Tourism Labels

An interesting paper entitled, "A European Sustainable Tourism Labels proposal using a composite indicator" was recently published in Environmental Impact Assessment Review, September 2015, Vol.54:39–54

The paper defines a Sustainable Tourism Labels System to assess country-brands. While focusing on Europe, the  conclusions of the empirical analysis can be extrapolated to other areas as well.

View abstract and download PDF from :

SGX to make sustainability reporting mandatory

Singapore-listed companies will have to publish sustainability reports in the near future, announced SGX CEO Magnus Bocker, as the exchange embarks on a one-year exercise to study which guidelines to adopt. This would give Singapore hotels a big boost in its profits

via SGX to make sustainability reporting mandatory.

Welcome to the Sustainable Tourism Colloqui!

The Colloqui was set up as an informal grouping of like-minded individuals and organizations working on the triple challenge of sustainability – environmental, social and economic – and its implications for the tourism sector.