COVID-19 and tourism

One chart says it all – Air passenger volume as measured in revenue passenger kilometres (RPKs). Passenger demand has fallen at an unprecedented rate. The domino effects on tourism and local economics will continue to reverberate in the long term …

COVID-19 an Education?

Internet? Web? Online tools? What are those?! Globally, about 50% of learners do not have access to a household computer. Will the COVID-19 lockdowns increase the education divide?

COVID-19 and the Environment

COVID-19 is showing us the link between human and planetary health The damage we have done to our planet is having a direct impact on the spread and severity of COVID-19. The global response, however, demonstrates our ability to work together. By focusing collectively on our planetary health, we can ensure we are better prepared…

Climate interlinks

“Adaptation” and “Mitigation” are critical policy objectives to combat climate change. The Adaptation Committee of the UNFCCC had producted an information paper on the linkages between adaptation and mitigation. Read the paper: Read full report

Food Security

Did you know? There are more than 7,000 edible plant species, but only about 170 are grown on a commercial scale? – FAO

Coronavirus and air pollution

Levels of air pollutants and warming gases over some cities and regions are showing significant drops as coronavirus impacts work and travel – BBC

Welcome to Serendipitous Tags

Welcome to the Global Development Research Center (GDRC)’s blog! The multi-disciplinarity of GDRC’s 15 programmes help in discovering the connections and associations among different issues (causes and effects, for example) not apparent at first. This is the thinking that went into the creation of this blog – Serendipitous Tags – in making the unexpected links…