Happy New Year!!

In this year of the Cow,we at GDRC wish for you, a abundant, attractive, beautiful, blessed, bountiful, brave, bright, challenging, charming, cheerful, confident, creative, dreamy, efficient, encouraging, energetic, enthusiastic,excellent, exquisite, fascinating, flawless, fortunate, fulfilling, funny, gracious, healthy, humorous, inspirational, interesting, joyous, lively, loving, lucky, merry, magnificent, passionate, perfect, pleasing, powerful, productive, prosperous, progressive, pure, relaxing,…

Cloud over buildings

39% of Carbon Dioxide Emissions Are Caused by Construction 39% of Carbon Dioxide Emissions Are Caused by Construction

Future proofing foods

Without Clearing Any New Farmland, We Could Feed Two Earths’ Worth of People Better supply chain organization, improved soil management, and a little creativity would yield lots more food without adding to emissions. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2020-12-15/no-more-hunger-how-to-feed-everyone-on-earth-with-just-the-land-we-have

Human Development Report 2020

The United Nations releases this year’s Human Development Report. The 2020 theme focuses on “The Next Frontier: Human Development and the Anthropocene” http://hdr.undp.org

The Human Earth

Sister Cities International is creating a network of sister city partnerships committed to implementing the concepts of sustainable development, as outlined by the SDGs https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/partnership/?p=1630

Urban air pollution

Tackling poor air quality: Lessons from three cities – World Bank blogs https://blogs.worldbank.org/voices/tackling-poor-air-quality-lessons-three-cities

Climate change myths

Top Ten Climate Change Myths and How to Debunk Them Top Ten Climate Change Myths and How to Debunk Them

Global Biodiversity

5th Global Biodiversity Outlook Published last month, GBO5 is a status report on biodiversity and global efforts to ensure it is conserved and used sustainably, for the benefit of all. Read the reporthttps://www.cbd.int/gbo5

Action for SDGs

Aligning to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals This year marks the start of the Decade of Action to deliver the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. It is a critical period to accelerate responses to the world’s greatest challenges – from ensuring food security to reversing climate change. https://corporate.dow.com/en-us/seek-together/2019-sustainability-report-case-study.html

Food Loss and Waste

We really need to work on this unethical disregard … more than 50% of all food is lost or wastd beore it reaches our plates. 29 September is the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste http://www.fao.org/international-day-awareness-food-loss-waste